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With great privilege comes great responsibility

What we did: Concept work / Video production and editing / Animation / Brand strategy

The challenge

Hurtta, a beloved brand of dog clothing and accessories with a strong presence in Europe, North America, and Asia, embarked on a significant journey towards a circular economy. They were determined to share their intentions and candidly present both their successes and challenges along the way. To achieve this, Hurtta needed a compelling communications piece that would not only introduce their sustainability efforts but also elevate the brand’s value.

The video had to be crafted in English to cater to Hurtta’s global audience, targeting two main groups: their distributors and end users. The challenge was to create a piece that resonated well with both audiences, effectively communicating the brand’s sustainability goals and initiatives

The Work

Ahooy Creative collaborated closely with Hurtta to understand their vision and goals. Here’s how we approached the project:

Understanding the vision
We started by immersing ourselves in Hurtta’s journey towards sustainability, understanding their commitment to a circular economy, and the specific goals they aimed to achieve. This involved in-depth discussions with the Hurtta team to capture the essence of their mission.

Crafting the message
Our next step was to develop a clear and compelling narrative that would communicate Hurtta’s sustainability efforts. We focused on creating a storyline that highlighted both the wins and the challenges, ensuring authenticity and transparency.

Producing the video
With the narrative in place, we moved on to the production phase. Our team worked diligently to create a visually engaging and informative video. We emphasized high-quality visuals, strong storytelling, and a tone that resonated with both distributors and end users.

Appealing to global audiences
Considering Hurtta’s international presence, we ensured the video was produced in English, making it accessible to their global audience. We tailored the content to appeal to both distributors, who are key business partners, and end users, who are passionate about their pets and the brand.

The Results

The sustainability video we created for Hurtta was a resounding success. It effectively communicated the brand’s commitment to a circular economy and resonated deeply with both target audiences. The video showcased Hurtta’s dedication to sustainable practices, enhancing the brand’s value and reputation.

Key outcomes:

  • Positive reception: The video received positive feedback from both distributors and end users. It successfully conveyed Hurtta’s sustainability journey, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Enhanced brand value: By transparently sharing their efforts and achievements, Hurtta strengthened their brand image and reaffirmed their commitment to responsible manufacturing.
  • Featured content: The video is now proudly featured on Hurtta’s web store, serving as a testament to their ongoing sustainability efforts and their partnership with Ahooy Creative.