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Agents of Change | Tiny Hunter

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What we did: Motion branding

The Challenge

Tiny Hunter, a strategic branding agency based in Sydney, Australia, who are obsessed with the power of brand embarked on a significant transformation journey in 2023. Shifting from an industry-focused positioning to one that champions the power of branding across various industries was a monumental change. This evolution required a redefined brand identity that truly reflected the team’s capabilities, passion, and essence. Tiny Hunter created a well thought through brand strategy and visual identity that encapsulated their new positioning and brought us in to help them incorporate motion as a vital component to bring the strategy and the visuals to life. This work was extra meaningful to us as it was an opportunity to collaborate with an extremely talented group of brand professionals all the way across the world. The first of many, we’re sure.

The work

Understanding the essence of Tiny Hunter’s origin story was crucial. At its core, this story represents transformation, a theme that needed to be woven into every element of the brand’s motion identity. We meticulously created visuals that aligned with these themes, ensuring that each motion element was purposeful and resonated with the brand’s new identity. The use of vibrant colours, fluid animations, and seamless transitions all contributed to a cohesive and compelling motion identity. We aimed to ensure that every movement within the brand narrative told a story of transformation, encapsulated by three key words: Rise, Rhythm, and Transformation.

Rise: The concept of rising was integrated to symbolise growth and the upward trajectory of Tiny Hunter’s journey. The motion was designed to reflect this upward movement, illustrating the agency’s continuous evolution and ascent in the branding industry.

Rhythm: Rhythm was employed to convey the dynamic and harmonious nature of Tiny Hunter’s work. Smooth easings and consistent timing in the motion represented the agency’s cohesive and rhythmic approach to branding.

Transformation: Transformation, the core of Tiny Hunter’s brand story, was the most crucial element. The motion was crafted to depict metamorphosis, showing how Tiny Hunter transforms brands through its innovative strategies and creative prowess.

The result

The result was a stunning motion identity that truly captured Tiny Hunter’s brand transformation journey. The visuals brought the brand’s new positioning to life, effectively communicating the agency’s evolution and its focus on the power of branding across industries.

The motion not only enhanced Tiny Hunter’s visual appeal but also reinforced its core message of transformation. The rise, rhythm, and transformation themes resonated deeply with the audience, creating a memorable and impactful brand experience. Tiny Hunter’s new motion identity successfully showcased their capabilities, passion, and the essence of their journey, positioning them as a dynamic and transformative force in the branding industry.

“Interestingly, though, what we have found is that since our website launched with the new look and new content that our marketing spend, the conversion has improved by over 70%, which is a lot.”

– Jodie deVries