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Rebrand and motion | Osuma

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What we did: Rebrand / Motion branding / www / Digital marketing

So no good job is left undone

Osuma Personnel Services was born from the vision that it’s time for the working world to evolve. The company recognized that old methods no longer serve businesses or professionals effectively.

There was a need for a new era of personnel services, one that develops, trains, and accelerates work communities characterized by a strong drive to succeed. For companies and leaders, Osuma promises to turn human capital into a sustainable success factor, match the right talent with the right job, and unlock the potential within individuals. Osuma appeals particularly to professionals seeking both individual recognition and respect in their careers and stability in their professional and daily lives.

Osuma is a pioneer in personnel services in Finland and has been growing continuously since its founding in 2016. Today, it is the largest operator in its field in Eastern Finland. As a strategic partner in the management and development of human capital, the company offers extensive expert services in personnel acquisition and development, recruitment and work-life training, direct recruitment, and various assessment services. Osuma employs approximately 750 professionals monthly.

The working world needed to evolve – and so did Osuma

We continued the work and the journey we started with Osuma Personnel Services in 2016. New times and bigger goals meant that the company decided to write a brand strategy and new core messages. We also renewed the online services and digital marketing.

Osuma’s strongest message was selected as the compelling and emotionally engaging slogan “Straight to the Heart.”

In addition to emotion, the brand needed to be brought to life. Osuma is a highly versatile company, and since most of its visibility occurs on digital platforms, it was justified to create a recognizable visual language for the brand. Now Osuma always stands out in a high-quality manner, without the need to reinvent the wheel for every video production. The company has a ready-made template and a large animation library at its disposal.

It was also time to renew Osuma’s online presence. The website was revamped with user experience and accessibility in mind. The pages needed to serve both job seekers and employers better. At the same time, digital marketing was updated. While search engine advertising can nowadays be considered part of a company’s basic accessibility, it builds a significant competitive advantage when done correctly. We decided to delve deeper into analytics and conversion data and revamped the continuous advertising model.

Results at Osuma were immediate. The number of applicants through the website started to grow immediately, and the conversion rate increased by over 16%. Along with growth, quality also improved significantly. When measuring how much it has cost in digital marketing to achieve a successful conversion, i.e., an application submitted from the site, the price has decreased by 27%.

This work came from the heart and hit straight to the heart.

“Good marketing is always both strategic and operational. It involves short-term and long-term play. We want our marketing partner to know us and be able to serve across the entire scope of marketing responsibilities. That’s why close collaboration is essential. I appreciate Ahooy Creative’s style and their willingness and ability to listen. The planning and launch of the brand renewal have gone smoothly, and we have started seeing results immediately.”

– Ville Auvinen, Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelu Oy, CEO.