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Food Products
What we did: Brand strategy | Visual identity

The Challenge

Kalavapriikki faced the challenge of positioning its premium fish food brand in a competitive market while highlighting its collaboration with Vääräniemi Fish Farm and Benella Fish. We were invited to help create a unified brand strategy and visual identity that would:

  1. Differentiate Kalavapriikki’s products in the marketplace.
  2. Emphasize the freshness and quality of their fish sourced from the purest waters in Finland.
  3. Strengthen their brand identity and elevate those of their collaborators, Vääräniemi Fish Farm and Benella Fish.
  4. Foster consumer trust and loyalty towards their products across supermarkets in Finland.

The work

Ahooy Creative collaborated with Kalavapriikki to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that supported their business development objectives. We worked on:

  1. Brand strategy: We gained an understanding of consumer preferences and market trends, and defined the brand’s values, and essence, emphasising sustainability, quality, and local sourcing.
  2. Visual and verbal identity: We designed a cohesive visual identity that reflects the premium nature of Kalavapriikki’s products. Then we moved on to updating the packaging for the Kalaonni brand, ensuring it stood out in supermarket fish sections.
  3. Implementation: We rolled out the new visual identity across all marketing channels, including packaging, advertising, and in-store displays then launched a communication campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of choosing Kalavapriikki, Vääräniemi, and Benella fish products. We developed communication and branding materials for Vääräniemi Fish Farm and Benella Fish to align them with Kalavapriikki’s overarching brand narrative.

The results

Our collaboration with Kalavapriikki yielded impressive results:

  • Kalavapriikki’s products, under the Kalaonni brand, became easily recognizable in supermarkets due to their vibrant and distinct packaging.
  • The clear communication of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and the freshest fish from the purest waters resonated with consumers.
  • Kalavapriikki saw a notable increase in sales and market share in the premium fish food segment.
  • The unified branding of Kalavapriikki, Vääräniemi Fish Farm, and Benella Fish reinforced the perception of premium quality and sustainability.
  • There was a significant increase in consumer trust and loyalty towards the brand and its collaborators.
  • The brand strategy strengthened Kalavapriikki’s position in the market, paving the way for future business development and expansion.

The successful implementation of the brand strategy and visual identity positioned Kalavapriikki and its collaborators as leaders in providing the freshest, highest-quality fish products in Finland.