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Ahooy who?

If you knew us as Ad Kiivi or Oddy Inc, you may be wondering, Ahooy who? Well, it’s still us, the same group of branding and design creatives Kuopio has known for the last 18 years. But, yes, we have changed our name again. You know us creative types.

Over the course of the last three years we began serving companies that had clear goals for business growth, either locally or globally. In both cases we helped our clients refocus their efforts so that the strengths of their business would be clear for consumers. We helped them build authentic, purpose-driven brands that had a stronger voice, which put them in a better position to deliver measurable results for their businesses.

All in all, not a lot different than what we’ve always done for our clients. But, because we have added new members to our team, we were able to apply new insights and expertise that added depth to our work and added more value to our clients’ business strategies and marketing efforts. The results have been positive for both us and our clients. It serves as a testimony to the quality of our work and our clients’ trust in us.

”We” always includes ”You”

But what really stood out was the strength of our working relationships that we have nurtured with our clients. That alone may be the biggest reason for our name change. We too had goals for growth but we may have moved too far too fast. And we are aware that some of you noticed. That helped us realize what mattered most: you, our clients, and the close relationships that we have built over the years.

Never lose your center

The good news? We got our mojo back! 🙂 We’re still the same core group you’ve always known. The very same things that always mattered to us – creativity, family, fun – still matter. In fact, now they matter more than ever. We’ve found our center again. And as we always tell our clients, that’s the only place to be. Our creative juices are flowing and our sense of togetherness is stronger than ever before.

Kicking ass and changing names

So welcome, old friends and new! We may have a new name but it’s still us, and we’re more ready than ever to help you strengthen and grow your business. What can Ahooy build for you today?