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Tornion Panimo

Brewery Products
What we did: Brand strategy / Verbal Identity / Visual Identity / Packaging design

Once upon a time in Tornio

Right from the get-go, it was crystal clear that the heart and soul of Tornion Panimo lay in its top-notch, no-nonsense beers. That’s why we aimed to ensure that both the brand’s look and its tone of voice echoed that simplicity and authenticity. This way, in everything we do, we could convey Tornion Panimo’s core idea that enjoying a beer, and even talking about beer, shouldn’t be rocket science.

From Thirst to Action

“Initially, we sought help in crafting a strategy, hoping to maximise the impact of our limited marketing resources. And we got that and so much more. Our brand soared to a whole new level visually. Besides their strong expertise, the folks at Ahooy truly exuded genuine enthusiasm for what they do.”

– Kaj Kostiander, toimitusjohtaja, Tornion Panimo