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Kalafest | Kalaonni

Food Industry
What we did: Campaign Concept / Advertising Campaign / Event Marketing / Video Production

Good times, tasty mistakes, and personal growth

We packed our bags, goodies, fish, and sauces (and HuHu) into the van and headed not too far from our neck of the woods, the home economics classroom at Hatsala Junior High in Kuopio, for a festive mission.

The goal of the campaign was to see if a younger audience had a taste for fish, and to bust the myth that cooking fish is tricky and time-consuming. Enter Kalafest.

“The event was an all-around blast and perfectly aligned with the company’s values. We aimed to introduce young people to domestic fish dishes for the first time, to bring them a new experience, and we nailed it. I’m particularly thrilled that the youngsters were genuinely excited and willing to embark on a fishy taste adventure.”

– Jari Korhonen, CEO, Kalavapriikki Oy

The next generation of fish lovers

The video shot at Kalafest, along with other materials created for the campaign, were spread worldwide through paid Google Display, TikTok, and YouTube advertising, as well as on HuHu’s TikTok channel. Essentially, we hit up the platforms where the young crowd hangs out.

Our partner, Huhu – Digital Studio, created and produced the video, which racked up over 13,000 views within a month. The ads garnered millions of impressions, and the campaign’s impact was evident in the website traffic surge. Plus, on TikTok, the campaign sparked positive discussions about fish dishes, primarily among the young audience we aimed to reach.

Watch the full video on YouTube:
Kalaonni – Kalafest

Projektipäällikkö: Ida Heiskanen (Huhu – Digital Studio)
Tuotanto: Tuukka Ahonen (Huhu – Digital Studio)
Sosiaalinen media: Teemu Pelkonen (Huhu – Digital Studio)