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City of Kuopio

Public Sector
What we did: Current State Analysis / Strategic Brand Expression / Verbal Identity / Visual Identity / Brand Portal

City of Kuopio – a city of life, joy and well-being

Cities around the world are experiencing rapid development and their brands have to follow suit, including those in Finland. The reason is clear. Businesses compete for customers and cities need to attract residents, businesses, and tourists to stay relevant. Kuopio has risen to second place on Finland’s most attractive cities list, and it was essential that its beauty and character was reflected in its brand. 

At the heart of our work was a desire to shine a light on Kuopio’s uniqueness. The city’s renewed promise, key messages, and visual identity now better reflect Kuopio’s diverse community of residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. The brand identity is more recognisable across different mediums and easier to integrate into different environments. Best of all, because the brand refresh feels as authentic and alive as Kuopio itself, it gave city residents an opportunity to feel a greater sense of belonging and pride in their hometown. That’s the power of branding and design at work.

Explore the City of Kuopio brand portal (in Finnish): 

The capital of the good life

“It is an honour for us to develop and nurture the Kuopio brand, which is owned by all of Kuopio’s residents. The brand had to be true to the people of Kuopio and desirable to others. We needed a partner who shares the same values and understands the significance of the Kuopio brand. A symbiotic working relationship and an understanding of the city’s strategy and evolution of the brand were prerequisites for successful work. I am grateful for the journey and satisfied with the outcome.”

– Kirsi Soininen, City of Kuopio Marketing Director