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From local to national – branding is baked into a growth strategy

The story of Kuopio-based Trube used to rely heavily on its historical roots, which strongly shaped the company’s profile as a local player. The desire to become a nationwide product developer among the most famous bakeries in our country required a tastier way to address the target group and to get new delicacies next to Trube’s bakeries. As national awareness was still scarce, brand reform was required to show direction for everything to be done.

Heart in taste – hands in dough

Identifying the Trube’s ultimate values ​​and making them identifiable guided the radical renewal of the message and visual identity. The key factors in the communication strategy were the people who make up the heart of the brand and their unique professional skills. Through these people, it was possible to tell a story about Trube’s passionate dedication, caring and craftsmanship, which is unparalleled in the Finnish bakery industry.

Heart to taste, hands in batter

The pastry has a place in our hearts. We bake it just like Grandma baked it. With love and abundance, for the sake of the soul.

“Our new packaging stands out well from the grocery store shelf and we have received a lot of consumer feedback from it. We succeeded in our goal to rejuvenate and domesticize Trube’s image and to direct new consumers to our products. Bringing product makers into packaging sets us apart from our competitors. This has also served as excellent internal marketing, raised professional pride in one’s own skills and improved the sense of working together. ”
– Sami Kemiläinen, CEO, Trube

Your own font

Trube is designed with handwritten letters used in lifting text and packaging.

Have a bun, for friends

Due to the limited space available in store bread and bun shelves, social media is one of Trube’s most important communication channels. Trubella has a strong community, which has been implemented together with a strategy strategy with messages and top-level themes. Based on the strategy, communication at Some is successful from the customer in the blink of an eye.

“The whole visuality of the tube comes from the packaging. They are the brand’s main media. We wanted to combine bakery products and the factors behind them. The goal was to bring a traditional brand look to this day. These starting points gave rise to a complete design language that lives on in packaging, campaigns and social media. ”
– Juho Ojala, AD, Ahooy Creative


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