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Genelec | Pro at home campaign

What we did: Campaign Concept / Sales and Marketing Materials / Video Production

Sound superiority

Genelec Pro at Home, the company’s groundbreaking technology, empowers artists to create authentic sound in nearly any listening environment. That’s a story best told by the professionals who understand the significance of space.

Our debut campaign video documents Genelec CEO Siamäk Naghian’s unwavering belief that anyone can create professional sound at home. Siamäk’s thoughts were unscripted, a departure from our usual approach, yet they tell a compelling story of the genesis of the Pro at Home concept.

Siamäk’s introduction serves as the first video of the launch campaign and sets the tone for the rest of the Pro at Home series. Throughout the Pro at Home video series, professionals working from home showcase their expertise, all made possible by Pro at home.

Watch the video on YouTube:
Introducing Pro at Home with Genelec’s Siamäk Naghian

The meaningfulness of space

”The more I have been recently thinking about the concept of space the more it fascinates me and the more I see it connected to the essence of life. I believe what we are raising is super interesting for a human being. It is connected to every reason we live for. This could be also the seeds of marketing of this age: to help people to find their space. It is the reason why we live and what we do: the purpose of our journey as a human being. It fits perfectly to the philosophy of Genelec too.’”

– Siamäk Naghian, Genelec Managing Director

Production: Petra Tiihonen, Reino Hartikainen, Lauri Aapro
Sonic identity: Sixieme Son
Artist collaboration: Nikke Osterback