Brand strategy

A good marketing plan starts with a good, strong brand

Knowing the true strengths of your company and how you add value to your customers’ lives, and how consumers currently perceive your brand, helps you focus your communications and market your business with confidence.

We combine your wealth of knowledge and insights with our depth of experience and fearless commitment to creativity to create communications that connect and marketing that works. A solid, focused brand prepares you for takeoff. Marketing then builds your brand image over time. And that’s well worth investing in.

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  • Brand strategy development
  • Interviews and insights
  • Business and brand analysis
  • Brand coaching

Brand strategy – finding what makes your business relevant

The world’s strongest brands are built from the ground up. During our brand-building process we’ll work side by side with you to determine your company’s strengths and how they can be translated into consumer-worthy communications. This work helps us to form your brand strategy and it will lay the foundation for how consumers perceive and experience your brand.

Your target audience is made up of people just like you. We know that the more interesting and engaging brands are, the more we interact with them. Connecting with people is more than a goal, it’s a strategy that fuels business growth. And if you’re going to connect with people, you have to have a brand strategy.

At the core of every successful, trustworthy brand, you’ll find a solid brand identity. Simply put, this is your brand’s personality or brand DNA. It tells consumers, and people inside your organization, who you are and what you stand for. Our brand strategy work together helps us develop your brand identity, which in turn helps us pave the way for your communications and advertising.

How do we do it?

We start with a workshop that is part soul-searching, part creative brainstorm and part just having fun as we get to know each other better. Ultimately we’ll craft a brand strategy document that will inform all of your marketing efforts moving forward. And don’t worry, your immediate business needs will play a vital role in our process.

And as we tailor your brand strategy to suit those needs, these are the dots that we’ll connect along the way ››

  • The business opportunity
  • Insights from research (if available)
  • The human problem you are solving
  • The functional and emotional benefits
  • Brand vision, mission and values
  • Operating principles and target image
  • Brand hierarchy (if needed)
  • Positioning statement and value proposition
  • Competitor overview
  • Customer segments


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