Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visual and language expression of your strategy across all touch points.

Ensuring your brand is articulated with clarity is essential to forming an emotional bond and ongoing loyalty with your consumer. We define a goal image for the brand: what we are and what we want customers to think about us. Its purpose is to show direction for everything you do in your company and give your brand clothing and a personality that feels unique to you as well.

Perceptions of your brand do not change through marketing alone. They build on reality – or crumble – in every customer encounter, face to face with your staff and across different communication channels. We help you implement brand identity in marketing, product and service design, and staff operations.


The output is tailored based on your needs as a business but can include ››

  • Visual identity – logo, colour palette, typography and graphic elements
  • Brand story
  • Elevator speech
  • Tone of voice
  • Core messages


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