Hitting our target

Extending Leica’s range on social media

Leica Geosystems has been providing top-quality services to measurement professionals for more than two hundred years. Our task was to introduce the new Leica CS30 Long-Range Bluetooth® tablet into the surveyor market using social media as the driver of communication.

Building a dialogue

These tablets are in the centre of surveying workflows, choosing the right tablet is important for work efficiency and convenience. Launching this new long-range variant to the versatile and durable, and field-proven, Leica CS30 tablet, signals that Leica Geosystems knows its customers and their needs. The campaign was particularly aimed at surveyors and business owners with the goal of creating curiosity and ultimately driving sales.

To achieve this, the campaign identifies two key themes around the Leica CS30 Long-Range variant, one adds character to the communication by introducing a memorable headline, and the second one highlights its benefits: how it concretely makes it easier to do the job, and how its enhanced features improve the user’s life. In addition to the value of Leica’s products, this emphasizes the dialogue between Leica and its customers.

The beauty of simplicity

The work resulted in a visually distinctive and concise campaign that was published on Leica’s various social media channels. The campaign will run for several months and includes eleven social media posts, two of which are animations, as well as an image of the landing page on the Leica website.

A blueprint for success

The visual look and tone of the CS30 campaign is simply distinct while still maintaining brand equity. Its colors are typical of Leica, as well as dark gray, medium gray and light gray but we developed simple graphic elements to describe the topography and the distance covered by the product. The purpose is also described by the campaign headlines and tagline, as well as the rugged mountain landscape used as an illustration. Overall, the visual look of the campaign is simple but distinctive, which complements Leica’s easy-to-use, always impressive products.

Team credits

Creative director: Ricardo Patiño

Art Director: Jukka Venäläinen

Copy: Julian Levy

Designer: Jukka Venäläinen

Strategy: Megan Järvinen

Account Manager: Simon Stockås 

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