For the love of dogs

A brand built on love.

We’re proud to say that we’ve been working with Hurtta for over five years. That’s a long time in dog years and advertising years! We’ve seen firsthand how incredibly loyal Hurtta customers are to the brand and we can understand why. Everyone we know at Hurtta genuinely loves dogs and has a passion for making high-quality apparel and gear that provide outstanding protection and comfort in any weather and for virtually every activity that dogs enjoy.

Every day is an outside day.

Showing dogs in their element, and in the elements, is what Hurtta was made for. A lot goes into every Hurtta product – their proprietary sizing system alone is based on measurement data from over 4,000 dogs across hundreds of breeds – and they continually improve upon their designs and develop new products based on feedback from their customers. They’re the real deal, and a dog’s best friend. We value our relationship with Hurtta and it’s been our pleasure to witness their growth and to lend a hand with their marketing. And, golly, doesn’t their brand look shiny and healthy as a dog’s coat? That’s where your friendly Ahooy crew comes in.

“Our collaboration with Ahooy began years ago when we recognised the need to find the essence of the Hurtta brand. We wanted to crystallise our purpose, proclaim our love for dogs, and articulate how important it is for us to be there for our customers. We wanted to do this both for consumers and for everyone who works at Hurtta. The bright, creative, and strategic-thinking minds at Ahooy embraced our puppy of a brand with open arms. They understood our goals and our desire to find and communicate our brand’s identity. Ahooy helped clarify why we exist as a company and gave voice to the Hurtta brand without taming it. They brought life and joy to our marketing efforts with fresh ideas. And they continue to support us on our journey as we grow. They also share our love for dogs and for that we are very grateful to work with such caring godparents.”

– Kati Rissanen, Brand Manager, Hurtta

Team credits

Associate Creative Director: Julian Levy

Art Director: Jaakko Forss

Account Manager: Anne Vänttinen

Project Manager: Satu Hilden

Strategist: Megan Järvinen

Creative Director: Ricardo Patino

Copywriters: Julian Levy, Senni Eloranta

Photography: Thomas Broumand, Petra Tiihonen

Videography and animation: Simo Huovinen / Jukka Tallinen / Reino Hartikainen

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