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The meaningfulness of space.

Genelec has exceeded the expectations of audio professionals for decades. The company’s dedication to truthful sound reproduction, and to Genelec users, led to several industry firsts. Now, with the launch of Genelec Pro at Home, the company’s groundbreaking technology is giving artists the ability to create neutral sound they can trust in virtually any listening environment.

The Pro at Home initiative is a recognition that Genelec monitors are increasingly empowering users to create sound in probably the most comfortable, natural and inspiring spaces of all – their own homes.

“We are all globally connected now and no generation has had the possibilities that we have – the possibility to be inspired, to create, and to share with the world instantly.”
–Siamäk Naghian, Genelec Managing Director

Pro at Home.

From high-quality gear to outstanding acoustics, the advantages of having a professional audio studio at your disposal are obvious. Simply put, the professional studio isn’t going anywhere. But given the global pandemic and how we’ve all had to rethink how and where we work, finding a way to work outside of the studio has become a necessity. 

There has also been a recent explosion of artistic talent and an incredible push among artists to create in new ways – and in their own spaces. Take bedroom pop artists, for example. Pro at Home is a perfect solution for both of these situations. 

Still, with the launch of Pro at Home, we had to be respectful of the professional studio and make sure that Genelec users know that we are in no way aiming to replace it. Ultimately, because it truly is a practical solution for more and more artists every day, we want audio professionals, and anyone else working with sound, to think of Pro at Home as an extension of the professional studio.

Create in your space. We’ll bring the sound.

At the heart of Pro at Home is the ability of Genelec technology to tame difficult room acoustics. This gives audio professionals the ability to work virtually anywhere. Especially in the spaces where they feel most inspired. 

Because the ways in which audio professionals and artists work are changing, because their need to adapt is happening right before our eyes, we decided to share real stories about real artists who rely on Genelec to create professional-quality sound in their home spaces.

The preface episode for our launch campaign documents Genelec Managing Director Siamäk Naghian’s unwavering belief that anyone can create professional sound at home. We were able to capture his passion and his genuine desire to inspire all sound and music creators. The thoughts Siamäk shared were completely unscripted, which is quite different from how we typically work, and in the end his unrehearsed conversation clearly made the story behind Pro at Home more compelling. It also doesn’t hurt that Siamäk himself has an inspiring story. He is a wonderful human and a respected leader for the Genelec brand.

The preface video is the thread that ties the rest of the Pro at Home series together, and since the launch of Pro at Home, Genelec have released two additional Pro at Home episodes – one showcasing L.A. hitmaker, Louis Bell, and another focusing on DJ and producer, Joel Corry – with several more slated for the near future.

The creative work Ahooy presented to the Genelec global team was extremely well-received. Genelec work very closely with their customers and they were thrilled at the prospect of bringing the creative concept to life and shining a light on world-renowned artists who rely on Genelec products every day. Since its launch, the Pro at Home campaign has generated a great deal of interest and Genelec has secured many other artists to share their Pro at Home stories. Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming episodes.

For us, it was refreshing, even inspiring, to see how personally invested Siamäk was in this project and how closely he worked with his team and the Ahooy team to bring this idea to life. It was an honour and a privilege to be invited into his home, the beautiful, peaceful setting for our preface video. 

The technology that goes into Genelec products and the company’s dedication to artists and audio professionals around the world are what make Pro at Home possible. It’s exciting to be part of an initiative that helps artists shine, an initiative that fulfills a company’s vision, and one that we know will only continue to evolve, as evidenced by Siamäk’s own words:

“The more I have been recently thinking about the concept of space the more it fascinates me and the more I see it connected to the essence of life. I believe what we are raising is super interesting for a human being. It is connected to every reason we live for. This could be also the seeds of marketing of this age: to help people to find their space. It is the reason why we live and what we do: the purpose of our journey as a human being. It fits perfectly to the philosophy of Genelec too.’”
–Siamäk Naghian, Genelec Managing Director

Team credits

Associate creative director, copywriter:
Julian Levy

Art director:
Juho Ojala

Account Manager:
Hanna Kivijärvi 

Megan Järvinen

Creative directors:
Tatu Ahonen and Ricardo Patino

Petra Tiihonen

Preface video:
Reino Hartikainen and Lauri Aapro

Sonic identity:
Sixieme Son

Artist Collaboration:
Nikke Osterback

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