A leading brand is born

Honing your strengths to reach new goals

In 2015, the Vuokatti Foundation wanted to transform their Vuokatti Sports College property, into a sustainable business. Like other sports colleges, Vuokatti Sports College had lived heavily on state funding. Veikko Halonen was hired as the CEO to lead the company and we came on board as the acting brand agency and marketing operator.


The not so crazy idea of a “Sports resort”

Vuokatti Sport Resort initial vision was to offer wellness services to consumers, among sports activities. We found out that no other tourism destination brand, was serving the sports-enthusiast audience. There research showed that there’s plenty of active sports enthusiasts in Finland and around the globe. That’s where our idea of a “sports resort” concept made a lot of sense.

A leading brand is born

With the brand and operational development, and the new marketing model, Vuokatti Sport operations have grown profitably in all areas. With new investments, Vuokatti Sport has grown in the industry of sports colleges as a profitable business, as well as worldwide leading brand.

Our experience as a strategic partner to Vuokatti Sport’s brand and business development has been invaluable. We looked after brand development, marketing planning, budgeting, advertising, websites, art direction and graphic production. We felt that working alongside and available to help at all times, allowed us to create a consistent consumer brand experience. And for us, that is the greatest strength of trust and cooperation.

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“Although we have a long experience in our own industry, the brand development has pushed us to renew our thinking and thereby our operations. Together, we have succeeded in achieving a leading position in the field in Finland. ”

–Veikko Halonen, Vuokatti Sport, President and CEO



Two brands, one heartbeat

Under the umbrella brand Vuokatti Sport, live two brands – Vuokatti Sport Resort consumer brand and Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center top athlete brand. Although the two brands run side by side, we were commissioned to work on the two distinctive brand identities, and execute marketing communications according their tone of voice, respective colors and logos.



An eatery worthy of champions

Vuokatti Sport’s cafeteria / restaurant was renovated in 2017. We submitted a revised concept to the interior design team. We considered that the initial idea was not in line with the new branding, so we suggested changes changes in layout, colors, furniture, decor and lighting. The result was a fresher, functional space that matched the modern athlete sporty lifestyle.

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