A stylish stay

Local hospitality never felt so good.

At the beginning of its operations, Air Host Finland faced two major challenges: how to reach property owners and get them involved in the Airbnb accommodation business, and how to offer something new to national and international visitors. From these starting points, Roost’s brand concept was built, which is made mainly for the end user, but with the strong perspective of the property owner.


People make brands better

Roost strives to make Airbnb Helsinki accommodation experiences easier, safer and richer for all of our friends. We do it with genuine Finnish hospitality, by creating warmth around us, and by letting our actions speak louder than our words.

With Roost, you’re always at home. We don’t just rent you the accommodation, we make unforgettable experiences part of your stay. All of our apartments are carefully screened and selected to meet the high standards of our mission – Airbnb the Nordic way.


Local for a day, friend for a lifetime

We helped Roost deliver one strong promise – “With us, you live like your home and live like a local. In the middle of the rhythm, culture and people of the city. Whether you are our guest for a day or a month, you are always a friend of ours and also a friend of our friends. That is why we can offer you the best local experiences.”


There’s no place like a Roost Nordic home

Together we discovered a perfect market niche: “All our apartments are authentic, Nordic homes. They have been designed, decorated and equipped for full-fledged living in accordance with Finnish requirements. It means unique comfort, style and practicality in a Nordic way. Welcome to the warmth of home.”


Let your apartment do the work

Welcome to the accommodation business!

Roost’s competitive edge was found and effectively communicated: “Airbnb is a modern and profitable way to have a property earn you money. If you have a property, we can turn it into a business for you.”

We bring the money home

We found the primary benefits for property owners: “We will take care of you that your property will bring joy and experiences to those who stay there, as well as profit for you.


We take care of everything

“We are personally responsible for the marketing, rental and maintenance of your property – and that is, practically everything. That’s what friends are for.”

English | Finnish

Only 15% of Roost’s visitors are Finns, so the brand strategy, adaptation, and and website, were done in English.


Welcoming words

Just like a friend would sound like.

The tone of voice of the greetings found at the Roost airbnb stays always engage, delight, bring security and surprise the traveler.


From designer to designer

“Working with Mari was really natural and smooth. Mutual professional trust gave room to creativity, significantly improving the progress and outcome of the project. Roost shows exactly what Nordic hospitality is all about. ”
– Jaakko Forss, AD, Ahooy Creative


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