Heavy weight champions

Decades of design expertise ready for the international market

Piako from Pieksämäki has been manufacturing superstructures used in general cargo transport since 1984. In connection with the generational change of the family business, changes in the industry in general and within the company were identified. Soon, the desire to grow towards larger, international markets created the need to raise the brand to the level of experience and expertise gained over decades.

Face lift communicates the ability to innovate 

To support the design work, we wanted to gain a broad understanding of Piakko’s current situation, e.g. vision, target groups and values. Top messages were built from the beginning in English by our creative author Julian Levy (Atlanta). Soon’s desire to profile itself as a global design expert inspired a redesign of look and identity down to the logo. The new look goes hand in hand with communication and creates an entity that works for an international audience. The brand reform has also had a positive effect internally, as with the renewed brand, professional pride as part of Piako’s internal corporate culture has also increased.

We do our best to keep your cargo in traffic

The equipment must be able to withstand consumption and operate even in demanding conditions. At Piako, we understand the world and requirements for superstructures used in general cargo transportation. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that the equipment does not fail in the middle of work. We are a two-generation family business that equips heavy equipment for the harshest conditions. We will never forget who we put our jobs to, because the success of our customers is also in our best interest. Three decades as an expert in the field have not extinguished the spark why Piako was founded. Our design work continues to be driven by our customers’ ever-evolving needs for smarter and more profitable solutions. We believe that the best parts and elements, taking care of the product life cycle and professionalism are sustainable choices for the future. Keep worrying. Carry on. The most important corners of Piakko’s services were opened with messages that serve as recognizable tips for communication.

The logo retained respect for the old logo, its design language and colors. The logo emphasizes clarity and ruggedness. O-letter symbol of the truck wheels and the associated loose elbow can see the trailer corner, an arrow, or even a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

“Piako’s dedication to their customers was obvious from the first time we set eyes on the brand. Focusing on the Piako customers themselves, the hardworking freight haulers who keep our country moving, just made sense. The redesigned Piako website immediately conveys to existing and prospective customers what’s most important to Piako – keeping their customers moving – plus it lets truckers know how vital they are to our everyday lives.”
– Julian Levy, Creative Writer, Ahooy Creative

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