Power player

Positive energy.
It’s contagious.

With policy changes radically transforming the industry, this energy powerhouse had to act quickly to maintain it’s standing in the market. The need for a stronger local presence became a priority across the landscape. Kuopion Energia needed a way to react to these new rules of engagement. That’s when we came in to help.


Local heroes.

Kuopion Energia had already earned respect in their local market, but their brand image didn’t accurately reflect what their longtime customers thought of them. In addition to rethinking their product and service offerings, we realized that Kuopion Energia had an opportunity to remind their customers that they were a vital part of their community.


We are energy.

By improving the look and feel of the brand image with design, we made the brand more appealing and more approachable, like a good neighbor. Then we backed it up with strategy and content that could speak to the local community in friendlier terms they could relate to.



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