Humanity for the win

Clean energy production makes sense for everyone

The renewable energy arena is rapidly evolving. As a clean energy pioneer and strong global player in the industry, KPA Unicon needed to adapt to the demands of the growing industry and maintain its leading position in the market. The company also wanted to bring a fresh look and feel to its dated brand image to support its newly defined global growth strategy.


Harnessing energy for good

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels was once a far-fetched idea. But thanks to KPA Unicon’s strong vision, tireless advocacy efforts, and global partnerships, the company has become a key facilitator of the world’s transition to clean, renewable energy. Clearly that’s good for all of us.


Though KPA Uncion largely consists of engineers doing work that most of us can’t even get our heads around, they were in a unique position to embrace their altruistic nature. When they did, and with a little help from Ahooy, it instantly softened their brand image and made the company more approachable. Together we realigned the company’s service model and today KPA Unicon is seen not just as a company that produces good energy, but as the very embodiment of it.



Humanity for the win

Helping KPA Unicon connect with their more human side helped us to develop a strong brand strategy for the company. It also inspired us to create a unique brand identity that felt vibrant and modern, and a voice that resonates with their target audience. The company’s rebranding has already received kudos from other key players within the industry. And KPA Unicon has also noticed an increase in their new business leads. Talk about being prepared for global growth.


Brand Promise

Energy for good

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