The challenge

Hydroline’s visual look and feel,and sales presentations where in dire need of a face lift. We helped this manufacturing pioneer tune up their communication to match the company’s international projection.

The insight

Hydroline is a Finnish manufacturer of smart hydraulic solutions and cylinders. Internationally, Hydroline is a well known pioneer in the design and manufacture of hydraulic solutions, serving industries such as load handling, forestry and mining among others.

The result

We added to Hydroline’s competitive edge a powerful slogan “Smart Hydraulics” to highlight the aspect of their manufacturing innovations. The brand identity, photography and videos tell about the company’s industry focus and communicates a high technological level on products and services. we were able to help Hydroline secure its position of a global pioneer and provider of customized intelligent hydraulic solutions.

Creative team

Teemu Salonen – Art Director
Jenni Loimulahti – Production Art Director
Ricardo Patino – Creative Director
Tiina Haring – Photography
Nobrainer films – Video

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