A force of nature

The driving forces behind a thriving city

An aggressive vision for the year 2020, meant that this thriving city needed to increase its appeal by offering a more open, progressive and friendly environment for people to live, work and visit. The city also needed fresher ways to engage more people to make their vision a reality.


Taking our cues from nature

The feeling became evident to us. Here, in Kuopio, it seems as if everyone knows a secret about life. It’s apparent in our daily lives, in every human interaction. It’s felt, in the warmth of our homes, in the rhythm of the city, in our natural surroundings and in our nightlife. At this point we realized that these were exactly the things that needed to be said about the City of Kuopio. Our City of Kuopio.

is everywhere

By improving the look and feel of the brand image with a distinctive visual identity based on unique illustrations and sound editorial photography, we made the brand more appealing and more approachable, like one of the residents of this beautiful city. Then we backed it up with a solid strategy and digestible content that speaks to the local community in terms they can relate to.


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